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Bigger Benefits, Better Value, No Constraints

When you join the Delta Administrative Services, LLC 401(k) Plan, everything about your 401(k) plan improves. As an adopting employer of our MEP, you’ll get big plan benefits at a great cost, while retaining all the flexibility to design your own plan. Because we take over as the Plan Sponsor, as a business owner, you’ll have less work and less risk. Good news? Great news! But even more important, your employees will also have a great plan that will help them get ready to retire.

With better pricing, more of their money will be working for them. With an open architecture platform and professional advisors, they’ll have access to excellent investment options. And with our combination of technology and service-first attitude, they’ll get all the help they need.

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Are You Paying Too Much And Getting Too Little From Your Current Plan? We Can Help.

You can realize all the benefits of being part of a MEP without losing any flexibility. And that is especially true when it comes to the options within your plan. When well designed, your plan can play an integral part of a strategic compensation package for your employees. As your 401k administrator, we will individualize your plan design to meet your company’s objectives and help your employees prepare for retirement.

Less Liability

If you’re sponsoring your own plan, you may have a lot more risk than you know. By participating in our MEP, you’re able to reduce that risk significantly because you are not in the plan sponsor seat. And with all the lawsuits and increased DOL and IRS activity, that’s a huge relief! Think of our MEP as a risk management tool for you and your business - with the bonus of it being a fantastic benefit for your employee too. Win-win.

Less Work

Doesn’t having less day-to-day administrative tasks sound heavenly? That’s what it’s like for adopting employers of our MEP. You can outsource many of the operational tasks of running a retirement plan like approving distributions and loans, filing a Form 5500, overseeing an audit, or reviewing the investment menu. Leave the work to our experts!

Superior Investment Menu

Does your investment menu measure up? We know ours does. We use an “open architecture” platform that allows us to craft an investment menu from a virtually unlimited number of options and fund families, without any proprietary fund restrictions.


We provide a ton of value by giving you more services for your money and by keeping your plan fees low. We can leverage the plan’s size and efficient administration to negotiate better prices with plan providers and to access lower-cost share classes.


While MEPs create an umbrella structure, under the umbrella, each company can do its own thing. That means that you can customize your plan to meet your specific budget and business objectives. You can have all the benefits of a MEP structure without any downsides.


It’s not often that you can enjoy amazing customer service and smart and engaging systems and technology. We’ll delight your employees with our online experience and customer support that will take the mystery out of investing for retirement.

There are just three easy steps to join the Delta Administrative Services, LLC 401(k) Plan. And, of course, throughout this process, you always have access to the expertise and support provided by our expert team.

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Things start with a consultation on your plan design, which is done by our plan design professionals. We will review your corporate structure and provide specialist advice on both plan design and regulatory issues. We will then prepare your adoption agreement. 


Now that your adoption agreement is complete Bluestar will begin to implement your plan. They will be in contact to plan a communication strategy for your new retirement plan. This plan may include things such as on-site visits, webinars, and customized print and electronic materials. 


If you have an existing retirement plan, we will begin the process of transferring it into the Delta Administrative Services, LLC 401(k) Plan. BlueStar will work on collecting all necessary data from you and your prior provider, They will also need to obtain transfer approval, notify your participants, and re-invest your transfer.

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