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Why sponsor your own 403(b) plan when you can become an adopting employer of ours? Join our PEP and you may be able to reduce your work and exposure, improve your pricing and services, and offer a first-class 403(b) benefit to your employees. 

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Ameritas 403(b) Plan Pooled Employer Plan

Makes sense

If you are looking for a great retirement plan for your employees that also makes sense as a non-profit leader or HR director, we believe you’ve come to the right place.


Fiduciary shield

Our PEP structure aims to protect you and your organization against lawsuits, operational errors, and Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS audit failures.


Administrative support

In our PEP, we, along with our partners, handle the day-to-day heavy lifting so you have that time to focus on your organization.


Consolidated government reporting

In a PEP, a single Form 5500 and audit are filed at the PEP level. That means you don’t have to file your own IRS Form 5500 or do your own audit!


Open architecture investment platform

With access to major fund families, the investment menu will reflect leading options for various asset categories.


Better share classes

By pooling resources together in our PEP, we can make available low cost share classes that small- and medium-sized organization sometimes can’t access.


Better value

We use our size to negotiate pricing and services from the retirement providers available. All fees are transparent so you can make the best decision for your non-profit organization.

Your plan

Design options

In our view, you can realize all the benefits of being part of a PEP without losing any flexibility. We think that is especially true when it comes to the options within your plan. When well designed, your plan can play an integral part of a strategic compensation package for your employees. As your 403(b) specialist, Ameritas consultants can individualize your plan design to seek to meet your organization objectives and help your employees prepare for retirement.

Eligibility timing

Within our PEP, you choose how quickly you want employees to participate in your plan. Coordinate with your other benefit offerings or adjust to meet your competition, you get to choose. 

Enrollment experience

Choose a traditional enrollment experience or choose automatic enrollment and/or progressive savings. 

Safe Harbor designs

If you have failed 403(b) nondiscrimination tests in the past, a safe harbor design may be for you. We’ll review your options and help you pick an option that is right for you. 

Employer contributions

Each company gets to select whether to contribute some of their own money to the plan and if so, how much. We’ll help you design a contribution to accomplish your objectives. 

Vesting schedule

Your vesting schedule determines how quickly your employees “own” the money you put into the plan. You can choose from an immediate vesting schedule or delay the vesting over as much as a six year period. 

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